Bodybuilding Tips To Get The Most Out Of Anabolic Steroids

Many people want to achieve a great physique but most of them do not know how to go about that. While majority of them think that it involves popping pills and injecting their body with anabolic steroids will do the trick, it is just a myth. Accomplished bodybuilders will testify without a doubt that building muscles involves intense workouts, good diet as well as proper steroid use. To gain most from any anabolic steroids online, know the following tips.


As stated earlier, to achieve a great deal of muscle requires the use of steroids but that’s not all. Steroids cannot do the trick without serious workout. This means progressively lifting heavier and heavier weights until you reach your body limits. During workouts, be sure to do at least 3 to 8 sets and nothing more or until a set fails. Lift heavier every set and engaging in workouts that work the compound muscles is recommended. For instance, a shoulder or bench press is enough. However, steroid use should be limited to mature adults with a minimum of 3 years of active weight lifting without steroid use, so don’t buy steroids when you are just starting.


While workouts and proper steroid use is necessary for enhanced muscle growth, diet plays a pivotal role. To experience growth, you need the right nutrition. This means a diet full of carbohydrates and proteins. An average person consumes 3000 calories a day but with steroids in place, you need an average of 5000 calories to have the required energy to take you through the workouts. Proteins are also key in rebuilding and repairing worn out tissues. When it comes to anabolic steroid use, you want to eat more regularly involving more meals per day. This is critical is releasing more insulin which provides more amino acids that makes up most muscles.

Stacks and steroid cycles

Stacking involves using more than one steroid while a cycle refers to the period of steroid use. Cycles and stacking is a way of maximizing the effects of steroids. Before you start a steroid cycle, plan well on where to purchase them, whether they will be orally used or injected, period of cycle and the type of steroids. For first time users, beginner cycle is recommended as you advance to the intermediate and professional level. A good cycle should only last 12 weeks and you should not stack more than one steroid type.