Best Bulking Stacks On The Internet Unlike Any Others

When you start weightlifting, you’re out to get stronger, build muscles and feel better.  Then you find that the feeling you get after working out is incredible, and it’s something you decide to pursue from that day forward.  Does this sound familiar?   If so, then the next thing you look into is the best bulking cycle you can find to really get your muscles pushed to the maximum capacity based on your personal genetics.

Everyone’s different and some people adapt and respond very positively to bodybuilding while others spend years and do see improvement but they realize that they’re just not championship material.  For those weightlifters, it’s still okay to keep working out because overall it’s a very positive thing.

The small minority of weightlifters who find great success are then driven to a bulking cycle so that they can find out what their body will handle.  There are options between a steroid bulking cycle and natural bulking cycles.  This article will focus on a natural bulking cycle which will compare to other bulking stacks on the market.
*Day 1 includes pasta, potatoes and cheese.   These are the staples of the day.  Every 2 hours you’re snacking on pasta and cheese or potatoes and cheese.
*Day 2 is meat day.   Every two hours you’re ingesting meat and more meat.  Meat day is intense, and your workout should be just as intense.
*Day 3 is back to what you did on Day 1, which pasta, potatoes and cheese.
*Day 4 is meat day again, carbon copy of what you did on Day 2.
*Day 5 is a liquid day and you only ingest milk and eggs.
*Day 6 takes you back to a normal diet, whatever you were eating prior to days 1 through 5.

This is a hard-core bulking stack of carbs and protein that will put calories and pounds onto your frame, but you need to be as strict as possible and you should only do this for two weeks at a time before taking a break for a week.  Be sure to include vegetables and fruits somewhere within these bulking cycles or you’ll find that constipation catches up to you.  If you find that you’re craving something in between these 2-hour increments, then go for peanuts or cashews.

Weigh yourself prior to starting this bulking cycle, then weigh yourself afterward.  Push yourself at the gym and work on low-reps and heavy weights.  Report your progress to others and let them know if this is the best bulking stack you’ve tried.